Health Systems Improvement

With a focus on “systems thinking” CCHN is committed to improving quality, containing costs and expanding coverage with a strong emphasis on the needs of patients.  To that end we have focused on a number of patient centered initiatives including:

Palliative Care Resources Directory

Palliative Care Resource Directory - This tool can be used to find providers of very specific services throughout Chautauqua County that can ease the burden of an individual or family facing a life-limiting illness.

Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment

Individuals who wish to ensure that their medical wishes are followed should complete the Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) form (which is bright pink) and have the order signed by a NYS licensed physician,  The form includes medical orders and preferences regarding: 


        • Antibiotics 
        • Artificial hydration and nutrition 
        • CPR 
        • Future hospitalization and transfer 
        • Intubation and mechanical ventilation 

The actual form is available at your doctor’s office or by contacting Lynn Wigren at 716-338-0010 or    

Advance Care Planning

CCHN has developed a county-wide initiative to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health care for our residents as they near the end-of -life.  Our objective is to increase and strengthen cooperation among local providers to ensure that Chautauqua County Residents have access to quality medical services and that their end-of-life choices are known and respected.  Efforts include educational programs for individuals, health care organizations, physician practices and EMS personnel.  The centerpiece of this initiative is a web-based registry containing thousands of health care proxies.

Area residents are encouraged to participate in the FREE Chautauqua Cares Health Care Proxy Registry to specify their health care wishes.  Medical care providers have access to the Registry 24/7 and can download a copy of your proxy and ensure that your wishes are followed. 

Those who complete the proxy form are asked to think about their health care wishes and put them in writing using the NYS Health Care Proxy Form and appoint a health care agent.  This should be someone with whom you have discussed your wishes and who will speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself.

For those who receive health care services in Chautauqua County, mail a completed copy of your proxy to: CCHN, 200 Harrison Street 2nd Floor, Jamestown, NY 14701 or fax to CCHN at716 338-9740.  Your wishes will be entered in the Chautauqua Cares Health Care Proxy Registry.

To download forms from other states, please click here.

Chautauqua Health Connects

CCHN partnered with the Chautauqua County Office for Aging, Heritage Ministries and Lakeshore Nursing Facility and was successful in garnering a $450,000 HRSA grant which will make it possible to link 24 healthcare organizations through a web-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) designed to strengthen communication and information flow between organizations, reduce hospital readmissions and train provider offices in the use of the Guided Care model and Care Transitions.

This initiative is expected to transform the current fractured array of health, social and support services into a local integrated service delivery system. Organization of services around older adults “at-risk for institutionalization” will produce measurable  improvements in health status. By achieving the proposed goals and objectives, the community will realize a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to long term care and help to maintain older adults in their homes.


Along the Way is a booklet developed by CCHN in partnership with Office for Aging and Hospice for use in physician offices. Patients receiving a life limiting diagnosis will find the booklet helpful as a discussion tool that helps them outline treatment and personal goals. It also contains contact information for local resources helpful at end of life.



As part of a person’s palliative care team, When Words Fail You is a resource guide developed by CCHN and a group of Clergy from around the county. This pamphlet focuses on communication tools and techniques to address the spiritual needs of affirming a dying individual’s hope, reconciliation, and transcendence. 


200 Harrison Street · 2nd Floor · Jamestown, NY 14701 · Phone (716) 338-0010 · Fax (716) 338-9740