Million Hearts Event at Chautauqua Suites

On March 1st, the Million Hearts Cardiac Event was held at Chautauqua Suites in Mayville and presented by The Chautauqua County Health Network, Chautauqua Integrated Delivery System and Chautauqua Region Associated Medical Partners. The priority of Million Hearts is to improve cardiovascular health and care for all Americans, while saving a million hearts. Chautauqua County plays its part in Million Hearts through CHQ250, an initiative of the Chautauqua Health Action Team (CHAT) encouraging you to take action to be one of at least 250 strokes, heart attacks, or related deaths prevented in Chautauqua County in the coming year. The CHQ250 call to action include the ABCS; aspirin when appropriate, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and smoking cessation.

G. Jay Bishop, M.D. presented The State of Hearts in Chautauqua County, an overview of statistics and facts detailing heart disease nationwide, in our county, and statistics showing improvement dealing with cardiovascular disease related issues within our county and state. . Following G. Jay Bishop’s presentation there were demonstrations and information provided on taking blood pressure, managing cholesterol, healthy guide to nutrition, self-management techniques like motivational interviewing, and smoking cessation and the New York State Smokers Quit line. Heart Champion Awards were given out following these presentations. To begin the awards ceremony Medicor received the Heart Stroke Recognition Program. Tri County Family Medicine Program, Inc. and Westfield Family Physicians, PC received the Million Hearts Champions. Lastly, UPMC Chautauqua WCA and The Resource Center received the Work-site Champions award.

The success of CHQ250 has been driven by the collaboration of the Chautauqua Health Action Team (CHAT) and partners throughout Chautauqua County. CHAT is comprised of local community and government agencies, employers, hospitals, and others working together to improve health outcomes in Chautauqua County. CHAT is organized through the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services and has focused on multiple prevention initiatives in the county. While the trends are heading in the right direction for our county because of CHQ250 and collaborative efforts, there is a lot of work still to be done and we need the help of everyone to make a conscious effort to save our 250 hearts. If you’d like to learn more on how to prevent, recognize and treat cardiovascular disease visit for more information.