MECO 2017

Sponsored by The Stan Lundine Health Care Professional Endowment Fund, one medical student recently completed the Medical Education Community Orientation (MECO), a summer externship program coordinated through The Chautauqua County Health Network. Kaitlyn Crossan shadowed at local hospitals and clinics with rotations that were customized to her fields of interest. Host sites of the program included Westfield Memorial Hospital, Brooks Memorial Hospital and TLC Health Network.

MECO provides students from Chautauqua County a unique educational experience not necessarily offered by medical school curriculum. The program emphasizes the study of patient-centered health care delivery in both clinical and nonclinical settings, as well as the relationship of the patient to the total health care system. Students are able to discover career options, gain first-hand experience in the medical profession, and build professional ties to our community.

Interested in orthopedics, Dunkirk native Kaitlyn Crossan is enrolled in medical school at LECOM. A graduate of SUNY Fredonia and entering her second year in medical school, Kaitlyn explained that “The program allowed me to learn more about the fields of medicine that I could potentially be in one day as well as the healthcare system within Chautauqua County. I wouldn’t have gained as much exposure into these careers this early in my medical education if it wasn’t for this program.”

The Medical Education Community Orientation (MECO) and Dental Education Community Orientation (DECO) programs are full time, six week paid externships. For more information regarding MECO, DECO, and other opportunities for local students, please contact Adam Puleo, CCHN Project Coordinator at (716) 338-0010. Information is also available online at