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There are several initiatives focused on increasing access to resources which promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.  These initiatives range from bike paths to park revitalization and are described below:

Jamestown Chadakoin Riverwalk- This is an ongoing project of a paved Riverwalk system which parallels the Chadakoin Riverin the City of Jamestown.  The Riverwalk includes universal access, a paved walking path, benches, picnic tables and a scenic view of the river.  It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or a quick run.

 City of Jamestown Pedestrian Bicycle Plan – Recognizing that walking and bicycling are an important part of daily transportation  and a key component of healthy lifestyles for residents, the City of Jamestown is developing this plan with support from CHP.  The plan addresses transportation policies and environmental changes to ensure streets are safe, accessible, and convenient for all users.

Safe Routes to School  (SRTS)–To make walking and bicycling to school safer and more accessible for children, including those with disabilities, CHP is supporting the local SRTS efforts.  In addition to enhancing children’s  health and well-being,  SRTS programs help ease  traffic congestion near schools, improve air quality and community residents’ overall quality of life.

Complete Streets –  In the interest of improving multi-modal transportation options, safety and accessibility for  all users, the City of Jamestown has adopted the Complete Streets ordinance. These designs and practices will be incorporated in new construction and reconstruction of sidewalks, crosswalks, curb ramps, accessibility features for people with disabilities, paved shoulders for biking, designated bike lanes, off-road paths, signage and traffic calming measures.

Streetscape Design PlanWith an eye to  improving  pedestrian safety and comfort, and creating both safe and attractive public spaces, the City of Jamestown has recently developed the East Second Street Gateway Study as part of the City’s overall Streetscape Design Plan. 

Parks and Playgrounds – Jamestown prides itself on a commitment to providing parks and playgrounds for its residents with more than 25 parks located within the city limits. The Lillian Dickson Park has been targeted for improvements and upgrades with special emphasis on a play area for younger children, through the efforts of the City, Jamestown Renaissance Center and CHP.  

Join us in creating a healthier community in which to live, work and play!  To learn more contact Shelly Wells, Project Coordinator, at 716-338-0010 or

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